Coaching, Tutoring, or Counseling?

Curious to learn more about how Academic Life Coaching fits in with all the other services available to students?  With so many different types of help out there, it can be difficult to determine which option will serve you best.  To help demystify several support services for students, I’ve outlined a few key differences between them and provided a simple explanation for Academic Life Coaching.

  • Tutoring helps student understand subject-specific material, such as math, science or writing.  Tutoring is based on learning specific information.
  • Counseling helps people heal from the psychological wounds which interfere with their goals and desires.  Counseling is based on healing.
  • Academic Coaching helps students uncover habits which derail success in school, while developing systems to help them achieve specific goals (such as higher grades).  By focusing purely on developing new organizational and study habits, Academic Coaching is based on academic success.
  • Academic Life Coaching addresses students’ full lives – academic and personal by examining the motivations, learning styles, and belief systems that either support or hinder their success in all their endeavors.  Academic Life Coaching includes minute, practical systems for addressing the organizational needs and study skills which promote ease and success in school, while also tuning into the students’ full lives and full inner world.  Academic Life Coaches are concerned with the details of a successful system to realize goals, as well as the client’s overall health, well-being and balance in their lives.  Academic Life Coaching is based on empowerment, success, and overall well-being.

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