Academic Coaching

Why Coaching?

You know it can be better than this. 


  • You’re tired of taking forever to get assignments done because you avoid starting or are too distracted when you’re working on them. 
  • You’re sick of not knowing the best way to study and bombing tests. 
  • You can’t figure out why you keep forgetting to do assignments or forgetting to turn them in. 
  • You’re so over late nights because you just can’t get yourself to start homework any earlier. 
  • And you’re fed up with your parents’ stress too. 
  • You’re tired and overwhelmed and are really ready for something different. 
  • Sound familiar?

You’re right.  There is a different solution and coaching can help by both equipping you with tools and strategies to succeed along with the wrap-around support you need to shift your mindset, turn those tools and strategies into habits, and sharpen your own problem-solving skills.


What results can I expect?


  • Self-awareness – through paying attention to what works, what doesn’t, and why
  • Clarity – through inquiry into goals, priorities and values
  • Resilience – through missing the mark and trying again in a new way
  • Grit – by practicing taking challenges head-on
  • Confidence – through repeated successes
  • Empowerment – to make the choices that lead us toward our biggest goals

How does it work?

We start with attitude: curiosity, compassion, objectivity, collaboration/buy-in.

We develop clear academic and personal goals.

We dig into cause and effect of behaviors, mindsets and environment.

We develop customized strategies and practice new skills.

We experiment with research-backed and creative tools, techniques, routines, and strategies

We transform experiments into powerful, failsafe habits.

We refine, chart, and analyze new habits and their accompanying results.

We develop grit through trouble-shooting set-backs and learn the art of bouncing back.

We take manageable steps, celebrate and build on successes!

What others have to say...

John is slowly learning valuable lessons about accountability and communication thanks to your coaching. Before John started working with you, he was under the mistaken belief that he was essentially invisible in school. The feedback that you gathered from John’s teachers each week made him realize that his teachers not only knew who he was but knew what he was doing and cared about him. He’s beginning to understand at last that his (in)actions matter.
mom of high school junior
Nicole is a top notch academic coach, and any family would be lucky to work with her. She is compassionate, insightful and dedicated to her clients' success -- in school, but perhaps more importantly, their overall wellbeing as learners and as people. She is an expert at developing rapport with teenagers, and helping them unpack their conscious (and unconscious!) thought processes that affect their choices, and therefore their success. I highly recommend Nicole!
Gretchen Wegner
Academic life coach and trainer -

You can choose to build confidence and resilience.