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Who are you becoming?

The world is shifting dramatically and rapidly on all levels: politically, economically, climate-wise, etc… and we need humans who are fully embodied, responsive, and ready to lead us into a world we can’t yet imagine.  Is that you?  Are you are longing to feel more alive?  Noticing that there must be more than this?  Or perhaps you are anxious and overwhelmed and confused by the deluge of information and distractions out there?  Or maybe you feel disconnected from yourself and others, not sure how to more deeply plug in?  Or your mental or physical health is suffering and you’re not sure why?  I know.  I’ve been there too. 

What I also know is that the more we understand ourselves and what holds us back, the more we come alive.  We are empowered and creative in small and big ways and our lives shift.  Our relationships deepenour work becomes more meaningful.  We live from our values and the clutter falls by the wayside.  If you are looking for clarity, richer meaning, and connection, you’ve come to the right place. 

The gift of transformation

As a coach I am your cheerleader and accountability partner, deeply supporting you, believing in you, and challenging you to stretch into your fullness.  I am not only with you in our sessions, but throughout the week as well with text and email support to encourage and remind you of your values and intentions as you put our work into practice. 

I have specialized personal and professional experience with:


  • neurodiversity and executive functioning challenges
  • anxiety, overwhelm and perfectionism
  • parenting
  • way-finding, uncovering your purpose
  • work-life balance
  • healing crises and chronic illness
  • climate anxiety
  • creativity and creative blocks

A transformational coaching session

Although every session is unique, here is a rough blueprint for a typical coaching session:


  • CONNECT – How are you doing? I want to hear about any dimensions of your life: school/work, family, friends, emotional and physical health, self-care, levels of joy and satisfaction.  How are your habits or “experiments” going this week?  Are things shifting? How?  
  • DEEPEN – Together we investigate like a team of compassionate, curious scientists to understand more deeply what makes you tick.  We peer beneath the surface and discover the tectonic movements driving your current thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviors.
  • EXPERIENCE – What do you need to take the next step?  A mindful process to dive in more deeply?  A new experiment or adjustment to a current one? Practice a new skill or mindset?  We get creative to gently and powerfully invoke the next step in your process.
  • GROW – What will you carry from our session into the week ahead? How can I support you?  Text check-ins?  An email summary of our session?  We make sure you are thoroughly prepared to integrate the session and carry it forward.

Curious to learn more?

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What others have to say...

Nicole has helped me find the confidence, clarity, and tools needed to feel more empowered in my personal and professional life. She taught me how small steps can lead to big shifts and reminded me how to trust my intuition and inner wisdom. After 2020, I was feeling completely burned out and didn’t know what to do. Thanks to Nicole’s encouragement I was able to implement new self-care practices and replenish my energy. Nicole’s weekly phone sessions and daily texts helped me to stay focused and grounded.
transformational life coaching client
I can highly recommend Nicole de Picciotto. In our sessions Nicole skillfully brought a gentle presence, compassion, caring, and insightfulness that made me feel safe and more open to exploring my inner landscape and the emotions that I sometimes have trouble accessing and looking at. She created a safe container for this exploration, and she was able to gently nudge me in the right direction when I got stuck sometimes. During our sessions, I felt really seen and understood by her. Nicole is a wonderful person to have supporting you on your path to growth and healing.
TRANSFOrmational Coaching Client